Mega Twins Demo Discovered?

Two weeks ago, a posting was made to the World of Spectrum forum indicating that demo versions of the Amstrad CPC and Sinclair Spectrum versions of unreleased US Gold/Capcom game Mega Twins were being auctioned on eBay.

Mega Twins on the Spectrum (Thanks to WoS)

The Amstrad version was reviewed by Amstrad Computer User in one of it’s final issues so it is likely that this version came from someone involved in that magazine. The review in question featured a high resolution C64 shot! It was previewed in Amstrad Action, Sinclair User, Crash and Your Sinclair. ACU was nutorious for reviewing incomplete or unreleased games like The Amazing Spiderman, Rimrunner and Virgin Games’ version of Judge Dredd.

A few days after the auctions began, the games were removed – reasons citing damaged sectors on the discs made it impossible to sell them. They are now in the hands of skilled Spectrum/Amstrad perservation team members who will strive to recover what data they can.

Here’s hoping some playable code can be extracted.

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