Hunt for a lost Dracula loading screen

Thanks to Raffox for flagging this one up from the Gamebase 64 archives, but although we mainly deal with trying to find unreleased games or vastly different versions of a released game, we also like to examine and take a look at various assets which were not used.

It seems that CRL’s Dracula had a slightly earlier edition that featured a different loading screen which you can see below.


Sadly so far nothing has been found of this loading screen. Are there more maybe as well in an earlier edition? Maybe Jared Derrett can help us or shed some light?

If you have any loading screens not on the review page, please let us know!

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  1. I have a demo diskette CRL sent out to magazines. It has a preview of the Dracula photo with the text: Coming this Halloween. Can see to a copy of the preview disk is shared here.

  2. During a recent, quick chat with Clem Chambers I gained some little info I’d like to share.
    Rod Pike was the real name of the famous adventure writer, and nowadays he would be in his 70s. Clam also confirmed Derrett’s statement about the German version of Wolfman… Unfortunately it seems no dump of it is currently available online.
    And about Dracula he mentioned originally this adventure game had no graphics at all, no info were given on the alternate intro picture above… Well, not yet I’d say ;)

  3. Didn’t we have the contact details for some of the people involved in the CRL game? Might be worth a quick email but I remember emailing them at the time of our CRL entries, and they never mentioned alternate screens etc.

    • Yeah, I tried to find some contact details and was going to ask you Alex. I suspect though that Jared no longer has anything of the game.

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