Knuckle Buster early version

A quick addition showing a rather different looking Knuckle Buster game on the C64 by Mat Sneap.  Luckily in this case the preview has been around for some time.  The thing is that some people have specified that they prefer the preview to the final game.  Do you agree?

Here is a comparison between the early version title screen and final version:


V1 title screen
V1 title screen
Final title screen

And now the game itself:

V1 gameplay
V1 gameplay
Final gameplay
Final gameplay

If you want to check out both versions yourself, then grab them from here:

4 Responses to Knuckle Buster early version

  1. This earlier version is much closer to the arcade game ‘Knuckle Joe’.
    I wonder if this was the intention.

    I’d love the chance to talk to Matt Sneap about this game…

    • I think you’re spot on Glenn! I’m sure i’ve heard the Knuckle Joe link too elsewhere. It could well have been the intention to do a conversion at some point. Would be good to find out exactly from Mat directly.

      • Cheers Frank!

        I’ve reached out to the man himself via Linkedin.
        Let’s see if I get a response.

        It’s not that bad of a game really you know?

        It’s just you have to learn to exploit it a bit to win.

        I guess you should never have to ‘break’ a game to win but in this case I quite enjoyed doing it!

        You should check out the Speccy version…

        Now that one is broken in a whole different way, I’ll leave it up to you to find out if you haven’t already…

        Best :)


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