G.I. Joe (C64) early glimpse

A quick post relating to what seems to be a rather different (and missing) section from Epyx’s G.I. Joe licensed game from 1985. Thanks to Karl “Trantornator” Kuras for the heads up! Click onto the image for the full version.


Looking at the 1984 Epyx brochure, it seems that originally the game was due to have a equipment/dressing up scene which seems to have been crucial to kitting out your guy for doing battle. Pretty much looking like the same system that was used in Barbie (also on the same page).

For whatever reason, the idea it seems was dropped and never quite made it. Was this merely a scene that was dropped from the game, or does it suggest that a rather different game was in production? Considering the game was produced by the same team as Barbie anyway, we doubt there was a different coding team… suggesting the final game was just tweaked. Maybe the game had the feature dropped to meet a Christmas deadline for big sales?

It is hoped that maybe we can get to see this unused feature in proper form.

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