R.I.S.K early version

We are already currently aware of a very early version of RISK, which can be downloaded from here… http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=10980&d=18&h=0

However, the first issue of The Games Machine showed some preview shots of RISK, which have a slightly different panel, scanner position – but also what looks to be a set of graphics that may not be in the final game.

Here are the shots (click for bigger version). Possibly more assets to save in the future?



Well, in late 2013 we were very pleased to actually find a preview on Cory Kin’s disks which contained the graphics you can see in the screenshots.


It’s pretty early, with a earlier ship build and not really much game play in place. But we also have added the very early build of the game where you just currently walk around on the ground, which depicts a very different game overall. It seems the game went over some major evolutionary phase!

» Download previews

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