Last Ninja 2 found!

Some amazing news through today from Mark Campbell (who runs the fantastic Konix Multisystem site), that a copy of Last Ninja 2 on the Konix Multisystem has been found by an ex-developer at Attention to Detail, Jon Steele.

It is still very much early days, and the disks are still to be checked and read. The condition looks good though, so it is hopeful that they are still readable after all this time. They are believed to be a mixture of PC format and Konix formatted disks – and efforts are now underway to preserve them. The game itself was pretty much close to completion (if not actually complete).

If all goes to plan, the guys are hoping to get some videos showing the game actually running to see how it compares to the released versions. Dave Lowe is believed to be responsible for the audio, so there could be some previously unheard Dave Lowe tunes too.

We hope to have more for you soon!

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  1. Sweet!….hope they can recover enough off the disks to get this working, i still remember seeing this previewed (along with Hammerfist) in C+VG’s Ult.Guide to consoles magazine.

    Both this and Hammerfist seemed ‘odd’ choices for the Konix though as they made no use of the chair, lightgun or mouldable controller options, did they? and Hammerfist had smaller sprites than the Amiga version i seem to remember.

    Wonder if we are looking at a 256 colour Amiga port and little else in terms of enhancements?

    Be fantastic to see what can be recovered as it’d be a great example of how 1st wave Konix games would have been and how developers treated the games when porting from Amiga to Konix.

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