1993 Thalamus

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and PC

A short entry for a title due for release by Thalamus on the Amiga and PC late into the publisher’s life (thanks to Kevin Tilley for flagging this one up to cover). This was a cool looking strategy game set underwater, and had previews released for the Commodore Amiga that can be checked out.

The game was reviewed by several magazines during late 1993, but sadly the collapse of Thalamus would see the title caught up in the mess. Screenshots and links to the reviews can be found here: http://hol.abime.net/2163

Snippet talking about the PC release, thanks to Kevin Tilley.

We believe that the Amiga developers “Mercury Projects” were also developing the PC edition. Apparently according to HOL, the PC game was also reviewed in at least one magazine (does anyone know which?).

So it seems there are two full games yet to be found, and we hope that will be the case sometime soon.

In December 2021, contributor Catriona (see comment) confirmed that the game was also reviewed in German magazine “Amiga Games” (No. 3/1994 – page 40), where it got 76% overall. It seemed to be a German version, but with an English manual, 2 floppy disks and recommended for A1200 – available from March 1994. Of course this was never to be.

In April 2023, contributor David Jorge supplied a copy of Thalamus newsletter 2, which contained some brief details about the game – which was due for release apparently in January 1993. See scans for more details.

Given all the reviews of the game, it is hoped that something can be found and preserved of it. Can you help us?

With thanks to Catriona for their input and David Jorge for the Thalamus scans.


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  1. Hello,
    The game was reviewed with a 76% Rating by the German Magazine “Amiga Games”, No. 3/1994, page 40. Seemed to be a German version but with an English manual, 2 Floppy disks, recommended for A1200, announced to be available from March 1994.

    • Thanks Catriona, i’ll update the page to reflect this. Considering the amount of reviews that were made of this game, I am hopeful something of it can be saved (even a full game!)

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