Daffy Duck – recovered and released!

Something I was beginning to think I would never get to say!

Just over 18 years worth of searching for Games That Weren’t – we are very proud to to present the fully recovered “Daffy Duck – And The Great Paint Caper”. It’s been some journey for us, but the full game was recovered in PDS source form and carefully constructed over the past month or so. Full details can be read in the main entry about how the game was found, and of course how we ever got to this stage.


Finally, you can now play the game as Hi-tec intended – and it certainly lives up to its glowing review from Zzap 64. Seasoned gamers will have no problem getting through it, but it is an important piece of C64 history now digitally preserved for posterity and which could well have been lost forever. Enjoy! :)

Daffy Duck – And The Great Paint Caper

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  1. Congratulations! Is the build that you recovered and recompiled successfully the same as the one reviewed in Zzap 64?

    Looking forward to more successful recoveries! Hoping Super C is among them :)

    • Thanks Protector! It was the very final version, so its possible that there could have been last minute bug fixes after the Zzap review copy :)

  2. How to run this game? I managed to run it on vice osx emulator but cannot “push fire to start”. Only space works and changes the language?

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