Blue Vault

2004 Elixir Studios

Platform: PC

Due originally for release in Q4 of 2005, this was to be a sequel to Republic: The Revolution. “Blue Vault” the working title of the game. The development would consist of an 18-strong development team, and had been under way for around 6 months at the time of PC Zone magazine showing off the game in May 2004.

Set around 2024, the game would feature within the US and rendered fully in 3D (using the same engine as the first game – Totality) with detailed architecture throughout. The magazine piece described the game as being “X-COM meets Men In Black in 3D”, with you controlling a government agency, whose sole aim is to constantly counter an alien threat and prevent the population from discovering the conspiracy.

The game would consist of research, resource gathering, unit recruitment and skill advancement, with much more detail taking it up to “almost an RPG level”. There were to be around 40 unique characters, 6 alien races and around 30 scripted missions in total. The original article from PC Zone with the full details can be found in the scans below.

There was still plenty of development work to go, but unfortunately would close down not too long after the PC Zone article. Rebellion Developments would buy all of Elixir’s intellectual property the year after, though nothing would happen with the abandoned sequel. It is possible that someday though, Rebellion could return and resurrect the idea with modern technology.


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