Treasure Tails

1993 SEGA

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Graphic artist Craig Stitt has recently been putting up a lot of brilliant unseen materials from his SEGA days, and has today just added a video showing screens from another Sonic related title called “Treasure Tails”, featuring Tails as the main protagonist:

Unfortunately Craig doesn’t recall much about it. Just how far it got, we’re not sure – but it would be wonderful if something playable could be found of this isometric puzzle title. However, the screens shown are confirmed by Craig to be mock ups, so they probably never progressed any further.

On Facebook, Craig had the following to say:


I’m curious if anybody has heard of this one before. I’d love it if someone had something that would shake a few memories loose from my head.

Back in February 1993, Bill Dunn, a game designer at STI, pitched an idea for a Tails solo spin-off game. It was to be called “Treasure Tails”.

CORRECTION: I’ve talked with Bill and he didn’t have anything to do with this game.. damn my memory. Time to check other sources.

CORRECTION #2: I missed a screen grab! I liked to thank PG Lomba for cathing it! I’ve added in the missing image.

It was going to be an isometric platform puzzle/adventure game. I mocked up these few static screens for Bill to use in his presentation.

Unfortunately, that is about all I remember. In fact, I had totally forgotten about it myself until recently rewatching a VHS resume I had put together in 1995, in preparation to leaving SEGA.

I don’t remember how far the game got, or anything else about it. All I have are these blurry screen captures from a 25 year old VHS tape.
Anyone else heard any rumors or ??? about it?

If you know anything more about this development to help out Craig or unearth more details, then please do get in touch.

Check out more of Craig’s videos on his channel at

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