Paradroid 90 and Total Recall (Graftgold)

With thanks to Ross Sillifant, it has been highlighted from a MEGA Power interview with Steve Turner that a PC Engine edition of Paradroid was once in production, as well as a unknown console edition of Total Recall.

Paradroid 90 was being produced right up until Hewson sadly collapsed, and then Total Recall would get the same issues when Mirrorsoft/ImageWorks went under in a bad sequence of events for Graftgold. Eventually, it was their conversion of Bitmap Bros’ Gods to the Sega Mega Drive which would result in their breakthrough onto console platforms in the early 1990s.

Andrew Hewson couldn’t recall anything about the PC Engine edition of the game when questioned, though developer Gary J Foreman reported that it was almost finished. He suggests that it was actually cancelled due to complications with Japanese publishers. So the Hewson collapse may have just been co-incidental.

It seems that Paradroid 90 was pretty close to completion at the time, and Total Recall was at least half way through. The question is whether anything has survived of either development? Hopefully Steve/Gary will shed some light soon.

Thanks: Ross Sillifant for heads up + scans.


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