1979 Larry Rosenthal

Platform: Arcade

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are gradually adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus content to share with you.

The book contains a detailed 8 page full story about the unreleased 1979 arcade, Oops – talking to Larry Rosenthal and Dan Sunday about the development, and how it evolved over time. As there were no gameplay screenshots to show, the piece features artist impressions of how the game could have looked.

Whilst creating the piece, Larry had found the board with his Oops game on and was trying to get it running by putting it into a spare Space War machine. He managed to get to the attract screen, but was not able to get it started. Here is the attract screen in action and the first time something of the game has been seen in around 41 years:

Shortly afterwards, the game stopped working and Larry has now passed on the board to a friend to take a look at.  It’s hoped that more can be shown soon and the prototype fully preserved.

Jonathan Koolpe also kindly provided some photos of Larry at the California Extreme 2014 show, where he was showcasing his Space War prototype. We also include a scan of Larry and Dan working together at Vectorbeam, which was taken for an article in Vending Times, October 1978 (Scan courtesy of Keith Smith).


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