2000 Quantic Dream

Platform: Dreamcast

A short post on a cancelled Dreamcast adventure game that was in development by Quantic Dream back in 2000, following on from their Omikron development. Below is a magazine article and several screenshots from the game. Thanks to Karl Kuras for the heads up and to Ross Sillifant for the extra scans.


Quark was aiming to build upon the failures of Omikron, and go for a more diverse and engaging story, as well as fix other issues. The game itself would be set within two different worlds (the colourful fantasy world Quark, and the dark and gloomy London!), with you controlling a protagonist called Waki in Quark, and his sister in London.

The two protagonists keep in contact throughout the game through their dreams. The magazine article from NextGen magazine described the title as being like Zelda with some Banjo-Kazooie-style action sequences. The interesting twist would be with the puzzle solving between both players and across both their worlds.

Why was it cancelled? We’re unsure at the moment, but as Quantic Dream seem to still be going strong today – we assume it must have been due to the platform dying out. If that was the case, then why the rumoured PS2 edition as well?

Here are the screens and shots below, but you can also find other screenshots over at our friends at Unseen64 and their page on the game. Some scans have come from https://segaretro.org/File:DCUK_UK_09.pdf


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