Prince Of Darkness


Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

A game which has been known about for some years, but only really for its music by Drax. The music has been used in various places over the years, and has been ever present in HVSC almost since the beginning.

As many people will know or guess, the music was intended for a proper game release, but sadly it was never quite completed.

The game itself was to be a Ghost ‘n Goblins clone, or at least heavily inspired by it, featuring extras such as a shop to buy new weapons. The game was technically strong with hi-res scrolling pictures, sprite multiplexers and a good introduction sequence.

Sadly it was unfinished due to the developers losing interest in the C64 and moving onto the Amiga.

Although Ole sadly doesn’t have anything of the game, we do have some rather exciting news. The game has been uncovered and it will soon be coming to GTW. At the moment, it is bugged and cannot run, so it requires fixing up first. We are not sure at present how much is there, or how playable it will be.

More details of the game will be coming soon, but check out Drax’s music for the time being if you want something to check out for the time being. Screenshots soon we promise! ;-)

An old mystery close to an end…

Contributions: Drax

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Ole Mogensen speaks about work on Prince of Darkness…

“I worked on this title. It was never really finished as we, Michael and myself lost interest in the C64 and had moved onto the Amiga.

Prince of Darkness was inspired by the high acclaimed arcade game: Ghost’n Goblins as this was our favourite arcade back then.. We added a few things to add more ‘depth’ such as a shop, in which the player could buy new weapons and/or items. I also seem to remember that it was possible to enter a gamble maze from the shop, in which the player had the chance to collect bags of coins, but if the player picked the wrong way they would fall into a pit, lose a life and be thrown out of the shop.. Quite odd, but back then we thought it was cool :)

I seem to remember that the game was technically good. Hi-res scrolling pictures, sprite multi-plexer etc … An intro with a huge running man made up of many sprites. The gfx was done by me, I used a modified version of Koala paint (yeiks) that we did, which made it possible for me to do additional things, can’t remember exactly what it was. Most of the clever code was done by Michael, I did all the boring code :) And as most people already know, the music is done by Thomas.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my C64 discs anymore so there is no way I can provide you with any code, I guess that Drax still has a work-in-progress disc with it on…

Hope this is of any help.”

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