Turrican 3

1994 Renegade

Platforms: PC and Acorn Archimedes

A short entry for a title due for release by Renegade on the PC and Acorn Archimedes (thanks to Kevin Tilley for flagging this one up to cover). This was to be a conversion of the 3rd game in the Turrican trilogy, which had already been released on the Amiga and other platforms.

Snippet thanks to Kevin Tilley.

Sadly neither conversion would see release in the end, for reasons currently unknown. The PC version in particular seems to be an odd one to have cancelled. We are guessing that there may have been some kind of development issues that prevented it, rather than it being based on the the market.

A teaser was released for the PC version, but nothing much else has surfaced:

Although its likely the conversions would have been very comparable to the ones released, it is still a curiosity that many would like to see.

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