Crimetown Depths

1989 Imageworks

Platform: Amiga

A very short entry for a title already covered on Amiga GTW, where you can find screenshots and a rolling demo to download – as well as a Q/A with creator Paolo Costabel.

When the game became too ambitious and was to fill three disks – it was told not to be financially viable, so the game was cancelled. Sadly little else is known at this stage about the game itself.

Grzegorz Antosiewicz got in touch recently to provide a rare screen showing the actual game itself in action from Amiga Magazine issue 5 1989:

amiga magazin 5 89

The game was to have platform/shooter elements to it, so this must have been that platformer part of the game. Hopefully something of the game itself will be found and preserved, so you can see what could have been.

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