Green Lantern documentary video released

In a long planned collaboration with @Doctor_Cupcakes (aka Liam Robertson), you can now check out his impressive documentary video on the long lost Super Nintendo version of Green Lantern via DidYouKnowGaming, based on research from the Games That Weren’t book and showcasing running footage of the game for the very first time.

Liam also links game scenes to the actual comic scenes that were used as inspiration, which was great to see.

Sprite assets and more can also be found on our Green Lantern page, with assets that were recovered and didn’t make it to print.

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  1. Since you unfortunately do not have the authorization to share the source code of the prototype because of copyright, is there a possibility of having a full gameplay video of the prototype from you? Unless the prototype was returned to John Reitze, of course.



    • Yeah, we can sort that out in the near future Daniel. Will wait for Liam’s video to have been out for a bit then will add something to the site which shows a complete run through.

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