1999 Thalamus Interactive

Platform: Nintendo Color Game Boy

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are  adding assets and content that were shared with us during our research as bonus DLC content, and which didn’t make it to the book. Thanks to Thalamus Digital (Facebook + Twitter) for permission to include this title on the site.

Mercenary was a hugely popular 3D exploration title by the late and great Paul Woakes, which spawned a few sequels such as Damocles and Mercenary 3. Those who played the 8-bit incarnations of Mercenary in 1985 were blown away by the speed and scale of the game, and it is quite rightly rated as one of the best games ever to grace the Commodore 64.


The popularity and heritage of the title would be inspiration for Thalamus Interactive, who were looking at the C64’s impressive back catalogue for titles to convert to the Nintendo Color Game Boy.

A set of concepts were produced to see how the game would look on the platform, but were sadly not to progress any further as other projects were taken on instead. Thalamus Interactive would cease to be, but are now back as an independent game developer and publisher, releasing games on the Nintendo Switch, and even the Commodore 64 with Hunters Moon deluxe in recent years. Check them out at

Whilst working on Putty Squad for the book, Thalamus Digital very kindly gave Games That Weren’t permission to share the prototype demos with you, so here they are, along with some video and screenshots.




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