Brutal Speed

2000 XTeam Software

Platform: Amiga (AGA chipset)

Brutal Speed was a racing game planned for the AGA Amiga, briefly previewed in Italian Games Machine magazine issue 65 under the name of Speed Mania. It was also known as Speed ManiaX and eventually evolved into Brutal Speed.

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It was an impressive title that had 8 directional scroll at 1/4 pixels and 128 colours in total. It was similar in many ways to Super Cars 2, Overdrive and the likes of Neo Drift on the Neo Geo.

Although progressing very well and looking brilliant, it was just too late and along with several other games, it was cancelled. Previously the team had released another game which hardly sold at all, and just got pirated and spread everywhere. They decided to move onto other platforms instead, where they still go today over at

Sadly the developer confirmed they had lost pretty much everything when their A4000 HD had broke down. They have suggested that there might be backups, so something in the future could be recovered perhaps.

A playable demo was however released many moons ago when the game was known as Speed ManiaX, so you can at least check that out and see the promise of the title for yourself. Hopefully in the future we will get to learn more about the project and perhaps even find something more of the final game at the point of its cancellation.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for highlighting the title and providing screenshots and images.


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