1994 Team 17

Platforms: Amiga 1200 and CD32

Our next entry is a slightly obscure fighting game that was due for release on the Amiga 1200 and CD32. The game was set to be published by Team 17.


Oddly, the game wasn’t really covered much by magazines of the time. Only Amiga Dreams/Amiga Concept would do a short write up on the title. It could be possibly because the title isn’t correct. The main header on one part saying CHOKIGESSEN and the main text and quotes saying CHOKEGISEN. Neither produced any further results online.

A French-based team created the game, consisting of Mickael Fauquet (code?), Deland Arnaud (graphics?) and David Sanchez (music). The characters in the game were clones from the likes of Dragon Ball Z. Featuring 256 colours with 9 enemies using more than 110 animation frames each, parallax background scrolling and 5 special moves – the game was looking quite special.

What happened and why was it never released? It seems likely to have been issues with the characters being cloned from Dragon Ball Z. It is hoped that we’ll get to hear from the team themselves to shed light on what happened. Mickael seems to have been a prolific developer on the Amstrad CPC, so we hope to find them soon to clarify details.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the scans and heads up.


3 Responses to Chokegisen

  1. Hi, I am DAVID SANCHEZ, I worked on this game (audio).
    There were an error about us (on amiga concept).
    I am the “musician” lol, and not the graphic designer..
    Please the coder and graphic designer contact me .

  2. While browsing and skimming Italian magazines I found their developers were working on many more fighting games and most of them were unreleased. Lucky NAPS manage to finish Shadow Figther and Lightshock’s fantastic Fightin’Spirit. Since both devs and editors were in same country I believe it was easier for them to met and promote their titles in local magazines. There was TGM – The Game Machine magazine, it got wonderful corner called Talent Scout with nice screen shots from different devs teams showing their internal work, prototypes and mug-shots.

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