The Great Giana Sisters

2010 TRSI64

Platform: Commodore Vic 20

I’ve seen some amazing developments over the years for the Vic 20 – a proper decent conversion of Manic Miner, isometric games in the style of the classic Ultimate titles and now a conversion of the classic C64 Super Mario Bros. rip off The Great Giana Sisters.

This was no official development being created back in the day at Rainbow Arts, but an unofficial conversion by TRSI64 back in 2010. Unfortuntaely this impressive looking conversion only seems to have got as far as scrolling most of the level data – with no main character or enemies implemented. Music is also missing – but what we have is something that looks very close to the C64 classic.

It is seriously impressive, even at this very early stage – and it would have been interesting to see the sprites implemented and how they would have come out. Possibly the SID music could have maybe been emulated through Aleksi Eeben’s impressive Sid Vicious player.

Things have clearly stalled with development, which is a huge shame. Hopefully we’ll get to hear from TRSI64 to learn more about the development and if it got any further than what we can see here. Maybe some day they may return to finish it off.

With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up.


3 Responses to The Great Giana Sisters

  1. @FaiRLane: This Zodiac Game you mention looks a lot like the old classic SHAMUS, which was availible back in those days. Have a look at the video here:

  2. Wow… if that is true vic-20 conversion happens – it would be wonderfull. I am looking if there will be someday, conversion of Zodiac (C64) (I love to play it in past) to Vic-20 – it might be even easier to convert.

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