Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

1989 Mindscape

Platforms: Atari ST and Commodore Amiga

Thanks to contributor Robin Gravel, we have learnt of yet another unreleased Star Trek game in the shape of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Mindscape in 1989. Released on the PC, the Amiga edition was shown on the back of the box, but was never to surface, along with a planned ST edition that were to appear later in early 1990.

amiga screen startrek

The game itself was a mixture of genres, including fighting scenes and 3D space combat sequences. The space sequences are all controlled via the bridge of the Enterprise, with a wide range of commands to give orders to your crew or various actions in the game.

It reviewed well at the time, even though it did have its flaws overall – so why was the Amiga and ST editions never released? It is hoped that producer Peter Sills will be able to shed some light soon on what happened, but we feel it is likely a similar case as with Metal Gear. By early 1990, the Amiga and ST hadn’t been major successes in the US and many companies there were dropping support for the platforms.

We’re not quite sure why a European release was not considered, where the market was a lot stronger for both platforms. Additionally, there was a NES edition in production by Bandai, which also never saw release, believed to not be up to scratch to see production.

With thanks to Robin Gravel and MobyGames for the box scan and Ross Sillifant for additional magazine scan and advert.


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