Lemmings 3D

1994 Psygnosis

Platform: Commodore Amiga 1200

A surprising entry for now thanks to Keith Gilliland for the heads up, after a post was recently made on Reddit about the Amiga being ahead of its time graphically.

From what seems to be an ex-Psygnosis/Clockwork Games developer (who wasn’t involved directly), there is mention of a version of Lemmings 3D running on the Amiga. However, it was cancelled as “the frame rate was so bad”.

When asked for more details, the developer suggests it was in early development and more of a tech demo.  There were the basic fundamentals with 3D blocks and Lemmings wandering around, but no proper levels or anything at that stage. 

The developer suggests they saw it running on a producer’s machine – an Amiga 2000, before it completely disappeared for good. There doesn’t seem to have been ever any announcement about an Amiga conversion at the time in the press unfortunately.

The likelihood of the prototype is probably slim, but we’re hopeful something could be recovered. Do you know anything more about this development?

With thanks to Keith Gilliland for the heads up and contribution.

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