Tomahawk (incorrect title)

1991 Tomahawk (Coktel)

Platform: Amiga 500 (Actually released), Amstrad GX4000 (Unreleased)

UPDATE: Case solved – this was released as Cougar Force. See below!

Our next entry is not to be confused with the Digital Integration game of the same name, but was a completely different 3D shoot-em-up that was split into eight different stages and style of gameplay.

tomahawk 2

The basic storyline suggested that as a chief secret agent, you have infiltrated a series of small islands which are acting as the base for an infamous group of international felons. Lurking somewhere on these islands are the leaders of the organisation, and it is these that you must locate and assassinate. The levels would consist of a number of different styles, such as beat-em-ups, driving scenes and 3D piloting.

Stone Oakvalley got in touch a few days after the post, and confirmed that the game was actually released as Cougar Force in 1991. The magazine article had got the publisher name mixed up as the title of the game, hence the confusion. Interestingly though there was a Amstrad GX4000 edition which was never released and is actually at large. But as for this Amiga edition – it is not a game that wasn’t, but a game that is!

Case closed, for the Amiga at least!

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the submission, Stephen Stuttard for the scan and for Stone Oakvalley for solving the mystery.


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    • Frustratingly, I’d seen this page when searching your magazine search tool (which has been great btw!) but didn’t put two and two together at the time. :)

    • Ah that’s brilliant Stone! Great spot and thanks for solving this one! Looks like it is indeed just part of that game, so i’ll tidy up the page and will close it off. Mystery solved :)

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