1995 The Hidden

Platform: Amiga 500, 600 and 1200

Our next entry into the archives is an unreleased platform game called Construxion, which was being developed by a team called The Hidden back in 1995. Some sources suggest it was also called Construction and Constructor at some stage too.

Construxion 1

It was described as a Tetris-y platformer, but inspired perhaps by titles such as The Lost Vikings and Devious Designs where the goal was to fill in designated areas with blocks – so you could build bridges and other structures. You would control one of three building contractors with different personalities and abilities, so cooperation is therefore key to solve some of the puzzles.

One particularly neat feature was to be a simultaneous two-player mode, where you could cooperate together to build the structures. In single player mode, the other players would be controlled by AI. Overall, it looked and sounded like a decent title which would have been well received by Amiga users at the time.

Previewed by Amiga Power in 1995, the game was oddly previewed again in ACS magazine in 1998, some years later. What had delayed development for so long to a point where the Amiga games scene was practically gone?

The Hidden had previously done a number of releases over the years including Donk! – The Samurai Duck and Top Secret, but also had a number of unreleased titles such as Spodland, Golf and The Big End (a racing game).

So what happened to this particular title and the others? Hopefully artists Craig Howard and Simon Leggett will be able to shed light some day.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the info and images and Codetapper for the corrections.


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