Boulder Dash 3D

1996 Szymon Ulatowski

Platform: Amiga 1200

A short entry for a title highlighted to us by contributor Stefano Castelli. This is an unofficial Boulder Dash clone done within a 3D environment.

Even though you may argue about how well a 3D version of Boulder Dash could work compared to a 2D edition, the game moves at an impressive rate and made its mark on Amiga users when a demo was released.

boulderdash3d 2 large

Although the developer was interviewed in magazines such as Amiga Review, and the game previewed (see scans), a final version was seemingly never completed and only a demo now seems to remain.

So the question is whether perhaps the developer was given a cease and desist order to stop development, or did other projects and work get in the way?

We hope to find out more about the title (especially from Szymon himself), but if you know anything about it in the meantime – then please do get in touch.

With thanks to Stefano Castelli for flagging up the title and S2325 for the screenshots (taken from their video of the game running) and Rygar for the additional scan.



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