1991 Team 17

Platform: Commodore Amiga

It hadn’t been long since the release of Speedball 2, when Team 17 decided to get in on the act. Whereas Speedball 2 was inspired by the classic 1975 film, Team 17 may have been about to do something more officially based on the film.

However, Commodore User magazine (who reported about the game in their news section) suggested that the title would be inspired by the C64 IJK game Rocket Ball (not Rollerball as they incorrectly specify). This game itself was also inspired by the Rollerball film.

The question is whether Commodore User had not quite got the story straight, and Team 17 were instead trying to do something directly relating to the film.

At the end of the news item, they talk of Team 17 being in the process of working out licence details, which CU suggest would be “massive” if they pulled it off. That kind of talk makes perfect sense for a licence of the film, but for an update of a 7 year old game from a slightly obscure company seems a little odd. 

It is suggested that Team 17 would retain most of the original properties of IJK’s game, whilst adding more features and sprucing up the graphics and sound to bring it into the 1990s. However, it sank without a trace. Did the licence talks fall through perhaps?

It isn’t currently known whether anything was ever started on the title at all, or if this was just an idea on paper. We hope to find out more soon. If you know anything more in the meantime, please contact us.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting the title.


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