Stunt Car Racer Pro

2003 Simergy and Lost Toys

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox, PC and Sony PlayStation 2

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are  adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus DLC content to share with you.

Within the book is an in-depth and detailed 12 page story about the unreleased Stunt Car Racer Pro, the sequel to the classic Microprose game by Simergy and Lost Toys for the Microsoft Xbox, PC and Sony PlayStation 2 platforms. We overall speak to Geoff Crammond, Alex Trowers, Ben Carter and Glenn Corpes about the project which was sadly never to be and never picked up by any publishers at the time.

SCR Pro 25

Whilst doing research on the game, a promotional video on the game was dug out showing off the engine and how it would have looked and played. The graphics would no doubt have been heavily improved once a publisher was signed up.

Thanks to Geoff Crammond’s manager John Cook, we were given permission to show the game for the first time within the book, and now present the video itself as bonus DLC:


Unfortunately due to the copyrighted music, we had to mute the video in certain parts on YouTube. So we have hosted it here as well:

Any viewing problems due to traffic – please use the YouTube link for now.

On a bit of a downer to end: Here is a video on the game which borrows a *lot* from these pages, but feels that the original source doesn’t warrant reference/credit: (even after a friendly request to reference, which was deleted). Our message to the content “creator”: “Much of the work within this archive takes a lot of time and effort to collate, during our free time and for no cost. Far more time than it takes to put your videos together. We always try and credit our sources on the site, and expect others to do so too if borrowing a lot, like you have clearly done. Please credit your sources, or do your own research.”

Finally, here are some stills taken from the video which were not used in the book, including an advert that we scanned of the original game:


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