Outworld 2375 AD

1993 HeartBeat Corporation

Platform: SEGA Mega Drive

Outworld 2375 AD is a racing game that was in development for the SEGA Mega Drive in 1993 as a title for use with a Heartbeat Catalyst device (a body-mounted fitness sensor) that hooked up to your console.

10 outworld

The device hooked up your Mega Drive to any exercycle (to record pedal revolutions) and to the player’s ear (to actively monitor the player’s heart-rate). Outworld would respond to the player, as long as they maintained their heart rate within a target threshold.

Only a single screenshot seemed to surface thanks to Sega Visions magazine, though in later years, promotional film shots showing more screens from the game (all except for one) surfaced (see gallery images).

Originally it wasn’t known who was behind the game, though contributor Isaiah Mays-Vinson did some investigations in late 2022. Looking at the credits of Outback Joey (a game packed with the Heartbeat device), Isaiah found some leads early on.

It was established that at the very least, game producer George DeGolian worked on the title, along with John Bojorquez (code) and Eric A. Iwasaki (graphics). It was later found that Tate Mosesian (graphics) and Erik Alwill (graphics) were also involved on the game. Tate sadly has lost any assets they he once had.

Interestingly, George, John and Eric all suggested that the game was never finished/released and that they no longer had anything of the game itself. According to Eric, the game was mostly intended to be sold to health clubs and wasn’t really intended for the home user.

All three might therefore be surprised to learn that not only did the device see release (albeit in a limited run), but Outworld looks likely to have had at least a limited release too. Sega Retro established evidence that the game was given a very limited production run and released sometime in late 1994. It is thought to be owned by a few collectors, though nothing has yet been put online of the game at the time of writing.

outworld shot

Isaiah however informs GTW that Video Game History Foundation have thankfully preserved a copy of the game. Eventually the game was released by Hidden Palace in June of 2023, and it appears to be complete overall. The screens shown in the press show an earlier version with a different score panel.

With thanks to Isaiah Mays-Vinson and Eric A. Iwasaki for flagging up and for assets, and Sega Retro for the additional promotional film shots.


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