Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS2)

A quick post to show some magazine scans reporting on the cancelled Aliens: Colonial Marines title on the PS2, thanks to Ross Sillifant.

Seems even more staggering that as technology grows, the expense of cancellations is far greater – especially with a game shaping up as nicely as this was.


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  1. Might be worth noting, for historical reasons, that when I.D software’s John Carmack was busy working on the (then) new graphics engine that would go onto power the original Doom, he was approached by 20TH Century Fox who made him an offer, so they could use the said engine in a planned Aliens adaption, he turned down the offer.

  2. :-)

    First thing you notice is none of these look like actual PS2 screens, all ‘Target renders’ i’m sure.

    But thought it was worth bringing them to you, espically after the Alien trilogy and AVP on PS1 scans.Fitted in nicely with Lost Aliens games.

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