Access Denied

1992 ICE

Platform: Commodore Amiga + possibly others

A very short entry until we can learn more, but Access Denied was a 3D game apparently programmed by the same people who did F-19 Stealth Fighter.

If that is the case, then we could be looking at the developers being:Adrian Scotney, Malcolm Hellon and/or Tim Walter

Apparently the game had been in development for around two years, and where there were two artificial intelligence’s controlling a world. You have to choose which to serve to restore peace to the world (described as being like Mercenary a little). The 3D landscapes in the game would feature lots of polygon objects to fly around, and lots of oversampled speech which was reportedly of CD quality.

The game was due for release at Christmas 1992, but just disappeared without it seems any further details. ICE seemed to be putting a lot of expectation on the game, saying it was going to be their big release.

We hope to learn more soon about the game and will continue to update this entry as we do. In the meantime, if you know anything more about the title – please get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the info, Amiga Magazine Rack and for the scans.


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