Day of Wrath

1995 Damage

Platform: Commodore Amiga 1200

As well as titles you may well remember, we try to also cover titles which may have passed you by. Often due to how late they were to the scene or how little was actually produced. Our next title seems to have disappeared as quickly as it first appeared, in Polish magazine, Amiga Magazyn, back in the summer of 1995.

The game was called Day of Wrath (or Dies Irae, as listed in the magazine), and was being developed by the Finnish demo group Damage (developed by the Polish contingent of the group). A small news article referred to the game as a Polish Stardust clone, and looking at the screenshots, you can see why.

Dies Irae shot640

Day of Wrath utilized ray-tracing techniques to give an impressive visual quality. It isn’t quite clear if the screenshot shown was merely a mock up, though the piece talks of a large number of smoothly animated objects and scenery to give speed to the game. Perhaps though this was just plans of how it was going to be, rather than how it was running.

Although it was to be heavily inspired by Super Stardust, there were plans to enhance the concept with many more ideas. Hopefully in time we will get to learn what these plans were exactly – and crucially if this title ever got beyond the point of what could just be a simple mock up.

At the time, Damage were just looking for a publisher for the game – but it seems it was never to be. Nothing more would surface of the game, and hence here we are adding the title to our archives.

By the looks of things, Polish member Darek Bednarczyk was likely the raytrace artist on the game when you look at the list of members. Hopefully we can reach out to Darek soon and find out more. If you know anything more about this title – please get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for flagging up and for the scans.


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