Riftwar Saga

1992 Kid’s Source

Platform: PC Engine

A short entry for now on a currently missing PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 title called Riftwar Saga, which was a 1/2-player hack and slash title that was due for release in 1992 from a company called Kid’s Source.

The game was an action adventure title which was set in a fantasy world of Midkemia (the fantasy world of Raymond E. Feist, a very well known fantasy author – thanks Alex and Dane!), and EGM magazine’s brief preview of the game promised non-stop action combined with a strong storyline and creative problem solving.


Overall the game would consist of around nine levels in total, with bosses at the end of each level to defeat. Sadly, the game disappeared without a trace and would become a game of mystery to many, including ParanoiaDragon, who first highlighted the title to us via Twitter.

Later in 1993, Betrayal at Krondor was released on the PC, an RPG title which shows that the brand was clearly trying its best to get into the computer game realm at the time.

It seems that the game only featured in EGM magazine, but if you’re aware of any other screenshots or previews, then please do let us know. There was a suggestion back in 2012 that prototype collector BeaglePuss was busy trying to secure a prototype of the game, but nothing more has since been heard.

Did BeaglePuss really have access to a potential prototype of the game? Could something of this long lost title be saved some day? Please do get in touch if you know anything more.

With thanks to ParanoiaDragon for highlighting, Alex Ross-Shaw and Dane for the additional information and TG-16.com for the scan from EGM.


6 Responses to Riftwar Saga

  1. Just thought I’d mention it’s by a company call Kid’s Source, not Kids Creations as I’d previously thought.

  2. Actually, Midkemia is the fantasy world of Raymond E. Feist.

    RA Salvatore is known for the creation of Drizzt Do’Urden and the “Forgotten Realms” tales.

  3. Midkemia is the fantasy world of RA Salvatore, a very well known fantasy author. Not long after this in 1993 Betrayal at Krondor was released, an RPG on the PC, so looks like they were trying to break into computer games with the brand at the time.

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