1999 No publisher

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Kontakt was a new adventure game being written for the Commodore Amiga sometime in 1999, where you would control a reporter called Albert Faser, who suspects someone of carrying out illegal transactions.


When given a tip-off, he leaves the editor of his newspaper (also a trusted colleague) with a floppy disk containing a message about his intentions. When he gets caught, he wakes up on a hard and uncomfortable bed. In a room with no doors, windows or other openings – you now have to figure out what to do next.

The game was intended to run on an AGA Amiga with 16 MB Fast RAM and a CD drive, and would feature colourful 640×512 graphics with 256 colours overall. Scenes would be of things like rooms of an old house, outside areas, city, gardens, abandoned factories and many more. Each location would be made up of several shots from different angles. Some scenes would have animated additions too.

In addition to static graphics, there were plans for rendered video sequences in a resolution of 320×256 and in 256 shades of grey at 20 Frames Per Second. Grey would be used to increase the atmosphere within the game and the mystery itself.

It seemed from the Amiga Computer Studio preview of the game that the dialogue would be all sampled too, so it wasn’t just a case of reading text – but having it read back to you too. The primary language of the game was to be English, followed by Polish.


What isn’t clear is whether it would be text command based or point and click. We assume the latter, but more information is needed to clarify.

The script was written by Stanislaw “Voicer” Delost, graphics and animations by Tomasz “Traitor” Cechowski, 2D graphics by Karol “Caro” Wlodarczyk.  Music was still to be decided, though talks were under way with Revisq at the time. Mariusz “MDW” Wlodarczyk would be carrying out all the programming to bring everything together.

No publisher at the time had been established, hence why we have listed “No publisher” at the top of the page for now. Sadly, the preview write up stated defiantly that the game “will come out”, but was not to be the case overall.

We’re not sure just how far the game got, but hope to learn more soon and even potentially see something of the title. If you know anything more, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Rygar for the heads up and scans.


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