2000 Sland Media

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, PC

Following on from the release of Exodus: The Last War, there was to be yet another potentially great strategy game from the same creators, for both Amiga and PC. The game was teased in the manual and also had screenshots on the CD.

Screen 02

The game was to take you into dark times full of bloody and heroic battles, with exploits of the warriors of that time. You would be in control of one of four armies overall, where you will try to gain control over foreign lands.

The teaser text also goes on to say that the game was aiming to faithfully recreate architecture, weapons and lifestyle from those times. There would also be full on fight sequences to break things up, with lots of flying limbs, gushing blood and more.

Specs were given too, where Amiga owners would need at least 68K and PPC, as well as 32 MB fast memory, a fast graphics card, hard drive and a CD ROM drive.

New features expected in the game would be:

  • 16 bit images (65,000 colours)
  • flat shading
  • Gouraud shading
  • antialiasing
  • large unique maps
  • 16 bit surround sound
  • lots of animations
  • music from CD
  • null-modem mode, TCP/IP
  • only high resolutions
  • and much, much more

The aim was to release the game across 2 CDs overall, and it wasn’t know when the game would be completed. This was reported by Zîoty Scarab, who was one of the creators on Exodus: The Last War.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much it. According to this old page on the game, this title was dependant on the success of Exodus. Sadly the sales were not great, and it was felt that work could not continue on the new title due to the scale of it and the money it would cost, which hadn’t come through from Exodus.

We’re not sure just how far the development had got overall, but our guess is that it was just a series of graphical mock ups, and possibly only a little more than that. We hope to be proved wrong though and see if something more could be recovered. If you know anything more about this title – please do get in touch.

With thanks to Rygar and Bago Zonde for both suggesting the title and for the assets.


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