Eager Edna

1985 Cable Software

Platform: Dragon 32

Our next Dragon 32 entry into the archives was a strange sounding game where you must encounter nine different screens of action with revolving doors and a mad woman called Edna. Welcome to ‘Eager Edna’.

The game was written in machine language around late 1984 and was a multi-screen arcade title which full colour animation according to a news article snippet in Dragon User magazine in December 1984.

During the 6809 show, the game was showed off to punters – but just a month or so later, it was announced that the game was being withdrawn due to technical issues. Nothing more was seen or heard about the game at all.

It is hoped that perhaps Peter Philips can be found to try and learn more about the game as a whole, what technical issues had occurred and crucially if anything may have survived after almost 40 years that could be shown to the world. If you know anything more about this title, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Simon Hardy for information about the title and the extracted scan.


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