Ice Palace

1983 Xonox

Platform: Commodore VIC-20

There has been a little flurry of late with regards to VIC-20 recoveries, and towards the end of 2023, yet another was found thanks to ItsAllDougAndGames, who brought a set of cartridges from an auction in the US. The auction was from the estate of an individual who had been a programmer and worked for various companies including Coleco.

Doug reported the odd prototype cartridge of Ice Palace, which had been released on the Commodore 64 and had seen a prototype surface for the Colecovision. After a little while would test and dump to make available. It wasn’t sure at first if the game was a prototype or a complete game, but it seems that it is thankfully the latter and quite a nice and fun game overall (if a little tough!).

It begs the question as to why the game was never released. Was it due to dwindling sales and people moving onto the Commodore 64 or for other reasons?

For now, check out the complete game for yourself and see yet another lost VIC-20 title saved. With thanks to @itsalldougandgames for the recovery work for this game and making available.



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  1. Wow this is so cool! The Xonox titles that WERE released are relatively rare to find (at least the single ended ones, the double ended ones less so)! So this is quite a find! Thanks for making this available! Please reach out to so they can add this treasure to his database!

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