Snow Bros

1992 Unknown

Platforms: PC Engine

Following on from our report about a possible Gods conversion on the PC Engine, we now take a look at what seemed to be a conversion of Toaplan’s Snow Bros that was due for release in the early 1990s.

snow bros shot
A screenshot from the arcade. Not PC Engine, as confirmed by article in scans.

Advertised in Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazines in September 1992, it appeared with a number of others for sale from a company called Gametronix. Present was a single screenshot, which may or may not have been from the PC Engine game.

Considering just how well Parasol Stars came out on the platform, there’s no doubt that Snow Bros would have been a great fit for the machine. But as with conversions on other platforms, such as the Amiga, the game would never see release in the end.

As the game was shown just in a short advert, there was no detail about when the game was coming out or how it was looking/playing. The screenshot may have even been from a different platform, and therefore we don’t know yet if any conversion was actually ever started or not.

Paranoia Dragon found a suggestion that Naxat Soft were the intended publisher, so there is a possible lead to try and found out more and if anything was ever started.

Did anything get started, or was it all just vapourware overall? If you know anything more about the conversion, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Paranoia Dragon for flagging up the title and for the scans, GDRI for digging out a news snippet on the game and Gaming Alexandria for the scan.


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