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Ala Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

ALA Software were an obscure company from the US who defined their games as “Games with Guts”. They were part of a mother company called ALA Enterprises (which was a record label). All software was written by General Masters Corporation.

Unfortunately some of the software for the C64 never surfaced it seems, and at present the following games are missing:

  • Firestorm
  • Superbrain
  • Proton Warhead

Thanks to Marco Das, it’s been highlighted that School Tech Word Search has been found and preserved. We’ve added some scans that Marco has kindly provided. The game is also in Gamebase64.

Contributor Bryan Caudle from the Virginia Computer Museum also found a copy of Proton Warhead on sale, which confirms it does exist. We’ve added a photo here. It just needs to be preserved, so hopefully it will get picked up soon.

Basically quiz and intelligence games. Here is a scan of the advert. We are hopeful of these actually being out there, and we just need to get them digitally preserved.

Can you help us?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Marco Das, Bryan Caudle

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Update history

  • 22/09/21 – And another has been located, but not yet recovered. Photo added.
  • 18/08/21 – One game has been found and removed from list.
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  1. I have the VIC-20 titles mentioned in the advertisement you posted, but we don’t have any of their Commodore 64 titles. I have about 15 other VIC-20 titles as well and am working on a comprehensive list of everything known to exist on the VIC from ALA.

  2. There’s always new ALA titles cropping up regularly, recently ran into a whole bunch of ones for the Vic20 I didn’t know about. So who knows how much they actually put out!

  3. Ala Enterprises is the mother company, a record label.

    sublabels for software

    – Ala software
    – Compumaster / Ala video

    All software written by General Masters Corp.

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