Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another short entry, and probably a case open and closed before we even start.

This was to be a conversion of the Amiga helecopter game that was being created by Jason Perkins and later taken over by Miracle Games to be finished off after a bit of development hell. It was a neat update of the classic Choplifter game which many of you may recall: https://www.lemonamiga.com/games/details.php?id=75

Well, according to Gary Penn in issue 22 of Commodore Format, there were talks of doing a C64 version. Did those talks ever get any further? Was anything ever started?

Very unlikely, but as it was considered at least, so here is an entry for it. Would be amazing if there was something started wouldn’t it?

Do you know anything more about this potential conversion?

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