Slap Fighter

Aztec Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title that was briefly advertised in Commodore Format, and in particular issue 22 back in June/July 1992.

There were no details apart from listing the game as available for £5.00 on tape, and £9.99 on disk – with an Amiga version available for £15.99.

Two other games were also advertised such as Circuit Man and Shoot Out! for a similar price. You had to send off a cheque to Middlesex, payable to PJR Laws.

When you look at the titles – could Slap Fighter = Slap and Tickle, Circuit Man = Transputer Man and Shoot Out! = Outlaw? Surely these were not repackaged versions of the games from SEUCK?

Thanks to the brilliant detective efforts of Phil Davies, we got hold of the developer Peter Laws – and he confirmed that his games were SEUCK based efforts. At the time Peter was only 17, so the memories have completely faded – but we do believe that this was indeed a rework of Slap and Tickle. Sadly Peter has nothing of his work from those days.

Peter mentioned that he had submitted the game to Alternative Software, but due to the limitations of SEUCK, they asked him to add features that were beyond its capabilities – therefore they pulled the plug. Peter then tried to sell the game briefly himself.

Would still be interesting to see how different it was, so if you purchased the game – please get in touch!

Case closed!

Contributions: Peter Laws, Phil Davies

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