Rainbow Arts

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Not too much to say here about this game at present. We know very little about it, but that god damn title tune is something i’ve heard somewhere before… that jingle…. but where?… a demo?… what?…. aghhh…

Anyway, the game is a 3D based perspective Pinball game, with some interesting features including digital music and some nice graphics.

Unfortunately I can’t comment much on physics or gameplay, as the game is virtually unplayable. You can move the flippers, and the ball moves up and down, but doesn’t connect yet. Seems to be quite an early version of the game.

We are currently not sure what exactly happened to this game, but it had management behind it, so it could have been a pitch gone wrong… not sure why.

A lot more information needed on this game, so we can’t really say any more than that yet…

Can you help with this game?…

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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20/04/15 – Added Rainbow Arts credit

2 Responses to Arcadian

  1. Hi Frank, the Sid file for this game is credited to Rainbow Arts in csdb. It could be that the game was pitched to or commissioned by that publisher.

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