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It is thanks to the great efforts of the team at C64 Endings which helped to highlight our next GTW to enter the archives.

On completion of Navy Moves, you are presented with some text which says to watch out for the next adventure, Arctic Moves. However, it seems that this never quite made it to fruition.

Well, after some research it seems that the game at least made it onto the PC, but not until around 1993/94 under the new label of Dinamic Multimedia. The game was more of the same, with a mix of After the War, and typically set in the Arctic.

Thanks to Santiago we have found that Luis was interviewed recently and we discover that the Atari ST and Amiga versions were written in 1991, but sadly never released due to Dinamic folding at that time.

In 1995, Luis resurrected the game for the newly reformed Dinamic Multimedia label on the PC, but it wasn’t that well recieved. By then it was all pologons.

It seems we didn’t miss too much. But it would have been nice to see something. However, it is believed that the C64 version would have only followed after the release of the Amiga and ST versions had they made it, and its believed it was never even started due to being so late as well. Last Dinamic games were in 1990 it seems on the C64.

And sadly Luis confirms that the game was infact never even started for the C64. It was too late!… The ending text therefore was wishful thinking in Navy Moves.

Case closed sadly….

Contributions: C64 Endings, Santiago, Luis Mariano Garcia

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