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Aviatak was brought to my attention by a C64 scener on the forum, who kindly submitted the scan of the game in question.

Publicised with a full page advert back in a Dec 1984 issue of Personal Computer Gamer, Aviatak was promoted as a All Action Combat Game, where you had to destroy enemy forces in low level attack, destroying fighters, tanks and avoding anti-aircraft fire, trees and hills.

All of this, and then returning to base afterwards.

The game was by a relatively unknown company called “Slogger”, and I can’t seem to find too much out about the company at the moment.

The game itself could be predicted as a vertical scroller SEU, though more information is needed on this obscure title. Information is currently very vague, and only hangs on the advert which was published.

It is unknown if the game was completed, or even released…

A mysterious GTW, and one we need to find more on…

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