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We are very blessed these days to see some great new C64 titles being produced on a regular basis. Sadly though there are still tragedies where some of these new titles are canned for various reasons.

Humpy64 is one of those titles, a promising casual game title that was being developed by Roy Fielding. The game has you having to simply jump over a swinging ball, and avoid getting blown off the stump at the same time. Sounds simple, and it is – but it is extremely well executed to a very high level as you would expect with Roy when you look at his previous casual game titles like Paper Plane.

Everything is helped with some fantastic background artwork by Vanja Utne and it is a real shame that the game was never finished. However, Roy was very kind to make the game available in its final form, so you can download and check it out for yourself. It is an addictive game that will draw you in quickly.

It isn’t 100% known why Roy decided to jettison the game, but sometimes it just happens and you lose interest in a title. It has to be something fun to work on.

Anyway, check it out for yourself, and also see Roy’s own words about the game in Creators Speak.

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Available downloads

Creator speaks

Roy Fielding talks on his page about Humpy64:

“Okay, this is an unfinished casual C64 game I wrote that can be played in your favourite Commodore 64 emulator. (PAL version).

Update: There is an “NTSC fixed” and “cracked” version by Excess floating about, but that’s somewhat destructive to the scores in the border. Play this one on PAL or emulator in PAL mode for a cleaner version with music at the correct speed.

I decided to cease work on this super simple game that has been lingering for a while now.

What do you have to do? Well, not much…. just survive from being hit by the swinging ball as long as you can. It slowly gets faster and some wind will affect you too, so you have to counteract the wind by pushing left/right to stay on the podium.
Jump with fire… you can double jump if that sort of thing floats yer boat.

Although not complete, you can still play it and try to beat your best scores, but what’s missing is:

  • Front End,
  • Tailored music/sfx,
  • Animated water ripples/water fall,
  • No highscore name entry.

Oh, there was also going to be a little mini intro/bit of story… but meh.

Code by me, bitmap by Vanja Utne, additional gfx by me and music (stand in) is by MCH. (Cheesecat Groove is the tune).

Free to download (or optionally donate). One for the retro heads.”

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