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Boing is a very simple game as our next GTW entry. The reason it is so simple is because it is such an early preview. Boing was yet another game being produced after the commercial collapse of the C64 by one of the remaining sceners known by his handle as doZe. The game was planned for release on disk magazines such as CP Verlag, Golden Disk etc. The details we have currently are quite sketchy, but here goes…

The game had the simple aim of collecting keys to open various doors and make your way to an exit. Some different types of levels were also completed with different aims and objectives, which were mostly all finished. Overall the basic development of the game was complete, with all graphics done by the developer himself. There were a few development problems, and as a result the game was put on ice, and currently still is and probably will stay that way.

Other segments such as the introduction sequence was complete, where a jumping "Boing" was going along a street with a sunset in the background – along to some Kraftwerk based samples (Boing, boing etc).

The preview we have involves you currently moving a small ball character around a maze, which currently cannot interact with anything in the game, so merely it is a test at this phase of moving a character around a screen with some basic collision

It is believed that the game got a little bit further than this, but according to the entry in CSDB, this was all the author could find. There might be something out there, but it will take some searching to try and uncover – we’re not entirely sure there will be much more than what we can see here.

By the way, the game is not to be confused with other games of the same name (Like Bubble Bus and E&J releases)

More soon on this one!…

Contributions: Jazzcat, John Christian Lønningdal

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