Bombuzal editor

Tony Crowther and David Bishop

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very short entry for the GTW64 archives, and to carry out a search for a Bombuzal editor which was sent out to various developers such as Jeff Minter, Andrew Braybrook, who were invited to create levels for Imageworks’ Bombuzal.

Both Tony Crowther and David Bishop felt it would be a great idea to get other big names from the C64 scene to produce levels for the game, including journalists, in the hope that it would help ensure better scores for the game. It wasn’t really necessary as the game is fantastic anyway!

It would be a great curiosity to find the editor that had originally been sent out to everyone, and could even be used to generate new levels for the game today.

Do you have it on a stray disk or know how we could find it? If so, please do get in touch.

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