Ruba e fuggi

Ivan Venturi

Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Also known as: Steal and Flee

Ruba e Fuggi

A very quick entry to add an early game by Ivan Venturi called Ruba e fuggi (or Steal and Flee), which was due for release back in 1986 on the Simulmondo label, but was never to be.

The game has you play a thief who must visit and rob a series of banks. You much open 3 safes by finding the combination, whilst avoiding enemies such as electric clouds and laser beams. It is a little clunky to play, but is still very much worth checking out.

Ready64 managed to recover the game in 2011, so that you can indeed check it out for yourself. Roberto Nicoletti was given two floppy disks full of masters for various Simulmondo games and games created by Ivan in pre-Simulmondo times, which included this game.

We are thankful to Roberto and Ivan for making this game available!

Contributions: Ivan Venturi, Roberto Nicoletti, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Gamebase64 (Screenshots)

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