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As well as converting the phenominal Lemmings for the C64, Alter Developments had plenty of other projects which they wanted to bring to the C64. The promise after Lemmings was so much, but we saw so little in the end…

One such title which never saw the light of day as well as Troddlers was the C64 conversion of the Amiga budget title, Championship Run; a racing title released by Zeppelin Games.

Now once Remi Ebus talked to GTW about a particular F1 racing game which got scrapped, and one which was in GTW. Well, this is it!

Never seen before until now, GTW presents an early glimpse of a conversion which sadly never was to be. Alter were assigned the conversion to try and prove themselves to Zeppelin in the hope of getting more contracts in the future for other games.

Enthusism was pretty present in the development, but not enough time was really allocated, and Alter ran out time. Zeppelin canned the project after this, and terminated any chance of Alter doing any work for them.

A shame… but we later got to see Lemmings to prove their worth.

This is a simple F1 racing game which isn’t really playable at present. It is a mere look at what was shaping up. A nice ambitous looking F1 sim for a budget label. Recently HVSC uncovered Adam Gilmore’s unused set of tunes for the game, so we have added the SID file to the archive for you to check out. The tune in the demo is a test tune by Geir Tjelta.

According to Niels, there is a much later version somewhere with cars driving around, but we are yet to see this. One for the future I think!… but good news that this is almost a case closed now…

A rare Zeppelin games title to have a glimpse at…

Contributions: Remi Ebus, Niels Brouwers, HVSC

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Creator speaks

Niels Brouwers speaks to GTW about work on Championship Run...

"Start game, use joystick in port 2 and press fire to start racing. Use the fire button and up/down to shift gears. Game is not completed, but this is the best version I could find (we did have other cars driving around the track as well before the project got canned).

The game was actually a port from a 3d game from Zeppling Games Ltd. They asked us to port this game first before they would be interested in other games of ours. We started happily on this project but we ran out of the time frame that was given to us and eventually Zeppelin cancelled it all together as they lost trust in the game (or us? :-) )."

Niels Brouwers.

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