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A neat little game from way back in 1986, by the C64 programmer of Turtles and Speedball 2, Carl Muller.

Chevalier features a PITFALL 2 style main character which jumps around various platforms and ladders in this sideways scrolling game. Very reminisant of Ghosts and Goblins in its style of play.

This game was scrapped for unknown reasons, something that hopefully Carl will oneday shed some light on. Carl originally released this and others on his webpage as unreleased works.

It’s not known who this was being pitched for, but plans were definately there i’m sure, what with Carl also creating a special loader with a little game in it, of which you can play along with this preview.

According to Carl from his webpage, a later version used to exist with aliens, but the tape had sadly been lost. So this looks to be all that remains of this promising little game.

Graphically it’s nothing special, there is no music (Apart from the loader), but who knows what may have been?

Hopefully more from Carl soon someday…

Contributions: Carl Mason

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